Manual Cylinder Lifter and Rotator

Designed for handling cylindrical water filters, this model has manual lift, clamp and rotation functions.

A national utility company required a bespoke filter/cylinder lifter and rotator for use in a water treatment process. They needed manual lift, clamp and rotation functions; these features can be powered should there be high unit utilisation.

Unit operation

The unit can store filters vertically, grouping them together with just 70mm between them. Our design team engineered narrow clamping pads to fit between the gaps in a row of vertical filters. To operate, you manoeuvre the unit to the filters and align the pads between them. A manual hydraulic pump allows you to clamp a cylinder, while two separate handles provide the lift and rotation functions.

A custom piece of powered cylinder handling equipment made by STS.
A powered cylinder handling unit from STS.

Key features:

  • manual hydraulic lift and clamp;
  • self-locking gearbox offers 180° rotation;
  • hydraulic clamping range of 120mm;
  • vertical lift stroke of 1200mm;
  • reach ahead of front wheels, 410mm.
STS- Manual Cylinder Lifter and Rotator (STM01 RRM06)
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