Electric Drum Rotator with Powered Clamp, Lift and Rotate

Similar to our Universal Drum Rotator, this model has power clamp, lift and tip, as well as some other custom features.

We were approached by a large pharmaceutical company to design and build a fully powered drum rotator that could tip steel and MAUSER drums into a production process.

The unit had to have all functions located on the rear control panel to allow one operator to use the equipment efficiently. It looks very similar to our standard STE01-DRU01 but incorporates a number of custom features.

A steel drum being tilted by an electric-hydraulic STS drum tipper


Our team of engineers explored the ways to clamp various drum types with one unit in the design stage. We assessed the force required to clamp drums of different sizes and materials, ensuring that the design implemented held all drums securely.

Trials and testing

We carried out extensive trial work to ensure the clamp pressure was suitable for both flexible plastic drums and more rigid steel drums.

The rear control panel of an STS drum tilter with clamp, lift and rotate functions

Key features:

  • lift height of 1500mm;
  • power clamp, lift and rotate;
  • rotation to 135° tip angle;
  • safe working load (SWL) of 350kg;
  • on-board batteries and built-in mains charger;
  • designed to handle both MAUSER and steel drums;
  • keypad access to prevent unauthorised use.
Electric Drum Rotator with Powered Clamp, Lift and Rotate
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