Drum Tipper for 50- to 220-Litre Drums; Power Clamp, Lift, Rotate and Drive

We manufactured this rotator to enable fast and efficient drum handling in a busy industrial environment.

Project brief

STS was tasked with the design and manufacture of an extremely versatile drum tipper for the UK manufacturing industry. Our client needed a fully powered model which could clamp, lift and rotate drums ranging from 50 to 220 litres. As many drums are being handled each day the customer also requested a power-drive system be fitted to the tipper, this is great for when drums need to be moved a large distance before emptying.

A cardboard drum being lifted and tipped using a piece of handling equipment
This unit handles many different types of drum including cardboard and plastic.
A 220 litre MAUSER drum being tipped using a piece of handling equipment
Large MAUSER drums can be clamped with ease.

Key functionality required:

  • clamp drums from 280-620mm in diameter (50 to 220 litres);
  • lift drums to a height of 1200mm above the ground;
  • tip drums at an angle of 45°from the horizontal;
  • overall length must not exceed 1900mm;
  • front legs fit beneath an 800mm x 1200mm euro pallet.
Drum Tipper For 50 To 220 Litre Drums Power Clamp Lift Rotate And Drive 25Kg Mauser Drum
 A steel 200 litre drum being lifted and tipped using a piece of handling equipment

Safety systems

  1. The drum cannot be un-clamped when raised above a limit-switch activation point.
  2. A drum cannot be tipped if the head is in the lowered position with the drum close to the ground.
  3. The power-drive tiller features an auto-drive button to protect the operator should they reverse into an object.
View of rear controls on an STS drum tipping unit
Flexible rubber clamping pads used for gripping different sized drums
Electric Fully Powered Drum Tipper (Model: STE05-RRH01)
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