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Hobart Food Bowl Lifter / Tipper

Designed for a wet-food area, this electric Hobart-style bowl tipper features power clamp, lift and rotate, and has an Ingress Protection (IP) rating of 66.

Our customer commissioned us to create a product to handle a variety of different food-grade bowls, much like our forward-tipping Bowl Rotator. They also wanted the equipment to feature electric power lift, clamp and rotate functions. There were a number of dimensional constraints, which meant the unit had to be both restricted in height and overall length. This posed a bit of a design challenge, which our team ultimately overcame.

The bowl and arm of an STS food bowl lifter and tipper


Our customer was to use the lifter in a wet-food environment, so it was important that the electrical circuits were protected to IP66. Our electrical engineers assessed the integrity of all parts of the stacker to ensure the model was robust.

Key features:

  • full stainless-steel construction;
  • electric dual-belt lift system;
  • electric actuator bowl-clamping arms;
  • powered sideways bowl rotation to 180° at 2000mm;
  • manufactured to IP66.
A half raised STS food bowl lifter
The STS food bowl lifter and tipper, raised and rotated to 90 degrees
A fully extended STS food bowl lifter
An STS bowl lifter, for raising and tipping food bowls in a wet-food environment
STS - Stainless-Steel Food-Bowl Lifter and Hobart Side-Tipper (Model: STE09-BTE03- SS)
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