Drum Lifting Equipment

Lifting drums on and off pallets is often challenging, so we’ve designed a range of depalletisers to make the process easier and safer. Each drum lifter can handle drums from 50 litres, right up to 220 litres.

Our drum lifting equipment

There are three main types of unit that can help you to load and unload drum pallets. A pallet can be straddled, approached from the corner, or loaded using a counterbalanced machine; each unit has its benefits depending on your needs. If you need some advice on which depalletiser is the best for your application, just get in touch.

An operator uses a drum depalletiser to unload a drum

Side Shift Drum Lifting Trolley

The most versatile drum depalletiser available: our innovative over-pallet sliding design lets you access all drums from one side.

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An engineer using the STS drum depalletisers to help with manual lifting of drums

Corner Drum Lifting Trolley

This depalletiser allows you to lift and place drums on the corner of a pallet, provided you have access to the corner.

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An engineer lifting drums with the STS counterbalance truck

Counterbalance Drum Lifting Trolley

With no legs in front of the lifter, this unit is great for loading equipment, conveyors and containment/spill bunds.

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Standard products

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