Drum Mixers and Tumblers

Our drum mixers have been designed to meet the needs of industry. We provide both horizontal roller and end-over-end mixers.

Our drum mixers and tumblers

End-over-end drum mixers provide the fastest method of mixing. The motion of the drum creates a lot of material roll-over which ensures contents in the bottom of the container combine well with the upper layer. Horizontal roller mixers provide a gentler mix; it can take longer to mix this way as material is not moved as aggressively. Some sediment in the base of the drum may be hard to dissolve with a horizontal roller style mixer.

End-over-End 200-Litre Drum Mixer

Drum mixer for 200-litre drums. Power supply can be either electric or pneumatic. Adapters are available for smaller drum sizes.

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Horizontal Small Drum Mixer

This electric horizontal roller mixer is ideal for mixing four drums simultaneously. A pneumatic ATEX option is also available.

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