Gas Cylinder Trolleys

Move high-pressure gas cylinders with our CTS01 and hoist them using our CTS02. Alternatively explore our propane cylinder trolley the CTS03.

Our gas cylinder trolleys

If you're moving and handling high-pressure gas cylinders, you need a purpose-built trolley. We've designed our gas cylinder trolleys to be manoeuvrable and easy to use, and built them from quality stainless steel. The original cylinder trolley is perfect for transporting gas cylinders around the workplace, while our CTS02 has the added benefit of a lifting hoist. We also manufacture a unique LPG trolley for transporting propane cylinders on rough terrain.

An operator using the STS Gas Cylinder Trolley for transporting gas cylinders

Gas Cylinder Trolley

Our innovative wheel arrangement, safety chain and stainless-steel construction make moving gas cylinders simple and safe.

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A gas bottle trolley lifted using a hoist on a crane

Gas Cylinder Trolley with Lifting Hoist

Based on our regular cylinder trolley, this model features a hoist to lift the trolley and a clamping band to keep the cylinder secure.

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Operator using a cylinder trolley to move a propane bottle

47kg LPG Gas Cylinder Trolley

Propane gas bottles can be transported using this high-quality stainless steel cylinder trolley.

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