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Four-Drum Horizontal Cabinet Mixer

We designed this stainless-steel cabinet mixer to mix four kegs or small drums horizontally on rollers.

A food processing company approached us to develop a horizontal roller mixer for mixing kegs of process material. The mixer is electrically powered, and we manufactured it out of stainless steel.

Design and operation

Using an electric motor and belt combination, we developed this unit to mix four small drums at speeds of up to 25 RPM. The high speed ensures drum contents are mixed thoroughly even after a short cycle.

When the cabinet doors are open the mixer cannot run; once the doors are closed, the start button becomes available. You can use the digital timer to set your desired duration and select the speed at which you want to mix the drums. Once the mix cycle is complete you can open the cabinet doors and safely remove the drums.

Key features:

STS-Four-drum Horizontal Cabinet Drum Mixer 25 Litre Stainless Steel Drum Mixer (Model: DME03-SS)
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  • safe working load (SWL) 25kg per drum;
  • controllable 0-25 RPM mix speed;
  • mains supply 230 volts;
  • programmable mix timer;
  • safety gate interlock;
  • emergency stop button.

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