Drum / Barrel Tippers and Rotators

Our range of drum tippers provides the ability to both lift and tip various drum types and sizes in a safe manner. Explore the many optional features and customise a rotator to suit your requirements. 

Our drum / barrel tippers and rotators

Manual-Hydraulic Drum Tipper in Decanting position with a 220 litre L-Ring drum

Universal Drum Rotator (Manual)

Manual-hydraulic drum rotator for lifting and tipping drums and barrels. Ergonomic, adjustable and easy to use.

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The electric drum tipper in decanting a MAUSER drum

Universal Drum Rotator (Electric)

Our electric Universal Drum Rotator is great for all sectors of industry, letting you lift and tip a wide range of drum types and sizes.

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ATEX drum rotator decanting a 200 litre steel drum

Universal Drum Rotator (Pneumatic)

Advanced pneumatic-hydraulic drum tipper for zoned hazardous areas. A highly efficient way to handle drums in an ATEX production facility.

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Power Clamp Drum Rotator

Power Clamp Drum Tipper suitable for a wide variety of drum types and sizes. Electric (non-ATEX) or pneumatic (ATEX) models are available.

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Power drive drum tipper in the decanting position

Power Drive Drum Rotator

Increase manufacturing efficiency with a power drive drum handler. The unique tiller arrangement offers responsive steering and powerful drive functions.

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An extended bowl rotator for material handling

Bowl Rotator

Our lightweight Bowl Rotator allows you to lift and tip small drums and bowls with ease, and is available in manual, electric or pneumatic models.

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Crane hoist for lifting drums int he decanting position for emptying drums

Overhead Drum Rotator (Universal Band)

Compatible with both overhead cranes and forklifts, and featuring our universal drum band. A stainless steel model can be ATEX certified for zoned areas.

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Overhead crane tipper with fixed band

Overhead Drum Rotator (Fixed Band)

Lift and pour drums from height using a crane, derrick or forklift truck. The over-centre clamp is fast, secure and suitable for large drum sizes.

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