Miscellaneous Drum-Handling Equipment

We also offer additional items, such as stainless-steel drum lever bars and mobile drum dollies, to assist with the daily handling of drums.

Our miscellaneous drum-handling equipment

On this page you’ll find some of the other equipment we’ve manufactured to make handling drums easier and safer. All the equipment we make is of the highest quality, designed with you, the customer, in mind. Most of our customers tend to use these items to complement other units in our range.

Image of a lever bar connected to a tight head steel drum ready for rotating

Drum Lever Bars for 200-Litre Steel Drums

Our drum lever bars make it easy to manually rotate and reposition steel drums on a pallet using a minimum amount of force.

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An STS drum dolly with a steel drum loaded onto it

Drum Dolly

Our four-wheeled Drum Dolly is suitable for wheeling drums around the workplace.

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