Drum Cradles

We’ve designed our drum cradles to be ergonomic, making the manual rotation of 200-litre drums easy.

Our drum cradles

Our engineers have developed a range of unique drum cradles, allowing you to decant and rotate 200-litre steel or plastic drums with minimal effort. Made from stainless steel, these cradles are by far the best available on the market. We’ve designed our Dispensing Cradle to let you easily decant drums, while the Rollover Cradle is primarily for rotating drums.

An operator uses an STS drum dispenser and drum cradle for material handling

Drum Dispensing Cradle

An efficient solution for manually decanting material, our Drum Dispensing Cradle allows you to rotate 300kg drums 90° with minimum effort.

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An operator handling a drum rollover cradle and drum

Drum Rollover Cradle

This cradle lets you easily rotate a standing drum into a horizontal position, and then use a forklift to pick it up off the cradle.

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