Bespoke Drum Rotators

Our bespoke drum rotators provide solutions to drum tipping applications that require special features and custom dimensions.

Our bespoke drum rotators

For the majority of drum handling applications one of our standard drum rotators will be suitable. If you require special features or have any dimensional constraints, we can design and build a custom one-off drum rotator. As a company we specialise in drum rotators: over the last decade we’ve built hundreds of drum tippers, many with their own unique features.

Our drum rotators

Drum rotators generally divide into three categories: forward tipping, side tipping and overhead. Each has its benefits and features that work well in certain areas and applications. Below is a selection of bespoke drum rotators we’ve made for our customers.

By offering a full design and build service we can provide you with bespoke drum rotators that meet all operational requirements. To discuss your drum tipping needs please get in touch.

A steel drum being lifted and tipped using a piece of STS handling equipment.

Drum Tipper for 50- to 220-Litre Drums; Power Clamp, Lift, Rotate and Drive

We manufactured this rotator to enable fast and efficient drum handling in a busy industrial environment.

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An STS bowl handling rotator lifting a food-grade bowl

Stainless-Steel Food-Bowl Lifter and Side Tipper

Designed for a wet-food area, this electric side tipper features power clamp, lift and rotate, and has an Ingress Protection rating of 66 (IP66).

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Stainless Steel Drum Inverter with Dolly gor GMP areas

Drum Inverter for Pharmaceutical Areas

Stainless steel drum inverter for handling pharmaceutical drums in a clean GMP environment.

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A custom small drum lifter and rotator for 35kg loads

ATEX Drum Lifting Equipment

We built this manual counterbalance unit for lifting and tipping drums of up to 35kg in potentially explosive atmospheres.

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The STS long-reach drum tipper for ATEX areas

Long-Reach Drum Lifter and Tipper, ATEX Zone 1

This ATEX-certified drum lifter and tipper has a long forward reach along with a belt-lift winch system.

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