Standard Products

At STS we design and develop products that make manual handling safer, easier and more efficient.

Our standard products

We offer a broad range of equipment, with a focus on safe drum handling, so whatever your manual handling needs we can find a solution. And we supply customers worldwide, showcasing high-end UK engineering to a global market.

An STS drum rotator with the drum in a raised position

Drum / Barrel Tippers and Rotators

Our range of drum tippers provides the ability to both lift and tip various drum types and sizes in a safe manner. Explore the many optional features and customise a rotator to suit your requirements. 

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An operator uses a drum depalletiser to unload a drum

Drum Lifting Equipment

Lifting drums on and off pallets is often challenging, so we’ve designed a range of depalletisers to make the process easier and safer. Each drum lifter can handle drums from 50 litres, right up to 220 litres.

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An operator moves a drum with the STS Universal Drum Trolley

205 Litre Drum Lifting Trolley

Our flagship drum trolley is the most versatile on the market, allowing you to move drums from 50-205 litres with ease. The adjustable drum catch can connect to steel, plastic and even MAUSER drums.

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An operator using a drum cradle to provide safe manual handling and lifting of equipment

Drum Cradles

We’ve designed our drum cradles to be ergonomic, making the manual rotation of 200-litre drums easy.

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End over End Drum mixer with 200 litre steel drum suitable for ATEX areas

Drum / Barrel Mixers, Rollers and Tumblers

Our drum mixers have been designed to meet the needs of industry. We provide both horizontal roller and end-over-end mixers.

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ATEX pallet stacker truck holding a IBC

ATEX Pedestrian Stacker Truck

Air-powered ATEX stacker truck for use in a range of industries. Lift pallets and IBCs with ease, even in a zoned hazardous environment.

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A drum dolly with a drum loaded onto it

Miscellaneous Drum-Handling Equipment

We also offer additional items, such as stainless-steel drum lever bars and mobile drum dollies, to assist with the daily handling of drums.

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An engineer uses a trolley for gas cylinder handling

Gas Cylinder Trolleys

Move high-pressure gas cylinders with our CTS01 and hoist them using our CTS02. Alternatively explore our propane cylinder trolley the CTS03.

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Contact us

Do you have a manual handling issue we could solve? We’d be happy to discuss any handling concerns and advise on the most suitable STS equipment. You can talk to us via telephone, email and social media.

Bespoke products

If you require custom handling equipment, we’re able to provide bespoke products. Our in-house engineering team both designs and builds equipment to your exact specification. What could we develop for you?