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Industrial Drum Mixer with Drum Inverter

Innovative additive manufacturing requires fully-compliant mixing and handling systems, this model was ATEX and air powered.

Our customer required a set of equipment to allow them to handle titanium powder; the powder was to be used in a 3D printing process. The equipment comprised of two parts:

  • Drum inverter – required for lifting drums of material into and out of the mixer. The stacker would also be used to raise and invert the drums 180°, ready for docking with custom sieving equipment.
  • Drum mixer – required for combining titanium powder into a homogeneous mixture for additive manufacturing. Equipment was air-powered with ATEX zone 1 certification.
Additive powder mixing system

Drum mixer – customer requirements:

  • 600kg drum of titanium powder to be mixed at 4-5 RPM;
  • bespoke head assembly to suit specialist stainless steel drums;
  • air-powered ATEX-rated unit suitable for use in a zone 1 hazardous area;
  • drums to be loaded using a bespoke drum inverter.
Additive Manufacturing - ATEX Industrial Drum Mixer (Model: DMP01-HD-Ex-SP)
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Drum inverter – customer requirements:

  • round securing forks to allow loading and unloading of mixer unit;
  • telescopic lift height (dual-mast) to allow docking with sieving equipment;
  • pneumatic-hydraulic powered lift for use in a zone 1 hazardous area;
  • manual slew-ring rotation to reduce overall cost.

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End-over-End 200-Litre Drum Mixer

Mix 200- to 220-litre steel, plastic and fibreboard drums end-over-end with our premium-quality drum mixer. We can supply an electric model for safe areas or a pneumatic-hydraulic model for ATEX hazardous areas.

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