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Round LPDE Plastic Carboy Mixer

Mix four plastic carboy containers using our End-over-End Drum Mixer core design, along with a custom head assembly. 

Customer requirements

A large European pharmaceutical company had a requirement to mix 20-litre carboy containers of a fixed size. The bottles had to be mixed end-over-end, four at a time. As there was no ATEX requirement the unit could be electrically powered via a mains power supply. 

Mixer cage fitted with safety interlock to prevent mixing when opened.

Key functionality required:

  • mix plastic bottles at between 2 and 7 revolutions per minute (RPM);
  • mixer to automatically stop when the gate/cage is opened;
  • mixer to only function when containers are secured/locked in-place;
  • docking feature to be fitted to return bottles to vertical at the press of a button;
  • include an integrated mix timer that automatically stops the mixing cycle.
Four bottles secured into the bespoke mixer head.

How we can help you

If you have a drum mixing process that requires a bespoke piece of equipment, we’re here to help. Get in touch with a member of the team to discuss your requirements and how we can support you and your company. 

Electric Mixer for Round LPDE Plastic Carboys (Model: DME01-SP)
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