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ATEX Telescopic Powered Drum Tilter

ATEX hydraulic drum tilter suitable for use in Zoned 1 and 21 areas. Unit includes telescopic lift, power drive, power clamp and power tilt.

Customer requirements

We supplied this fully-powered ATEX drum tilter to a customer in the paint industry to support the process of making high-performance coatings. The organisation was dependent on the use of forklift trucks to carry out most of their drum handling and they required a safer alternative method which was also ATEX-rated. 

Key functionality required:

  • ability to handle a range of drums from 50 to 220 litres;
  • must be able to tilt drums at a height of 2700mm;
  • powered drive function to increase efficiency and aid in operator adoption;
  • powered lift function due to the tall decanting height;
  • powered drum tilt as the tall lift height wouldn't allow manual rotation;
  • ATEX certified for zone 1 (gas) hazardous area.
Telescopic pneumatic-hydraulic lift up to 2700mm.
Power driven pneumatic drive system.

ATEX power-drive control system

The pneumatic power drive system is powered by an airline that connects to the rear box. Operators can manoeuvre drums around the workplace by controlling a throttle on the steering tiller. The air-powered system not only improves efficiency but is certified for use in zones 1, 2, 21 and 2. This feature can be added as an optional feature for many of our drum tilters.

Telescopic pneumatic-hydraulic lift

Our customer required a telescopic feature to enable them to tip a variety of drums into tall vessels within their manufacturing process. Similar to a forklift, our telescopic drum tilter can lift and rotate drums at heights of up to 2700mm with ease. This feature is very popular and again is available on our whole range of drum tilters.

Clamping head for handling all drum types.

Powered clamp and rotation

When handling a variety of small and large drums our power clamp and rotate option is ideally suited. Compared to our standard drum tilter this clamping unit allows operators to quickly swap between large and small barrels which is ideal for time-critical processes. A constant tension safety system is fitted to all our clamp models to ensure that drums always remain securely squeezed by the clamping arms. Power clamp drum tilters also require two individual unclamp buttons to be pressed together to open the clamp pads.

ATEX Telescopic Power Drive, Power Clamp Drum Tipper (STP06-RRH01-Ex)
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Tipping drums is an essential part of many industrial processes. Our drum rotators provide a safe way to lift and tip various drum types and sizes, and we can customise each rotator to suit your exact needs.

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