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Manual Drum Lifter Rotator

Manual drum lifter rotator suitable for decanting 205-litre drums into process vessels. A slew ring provides 360-degree rotation.

Customer requirements

We manufactured this manual drum lifter rotator to a strict customer specification. Our customer was restricted by the space in front of their vessel and therefore required a unit to lift and tilt drums on their side. Typically drums are tipped forwards as this allows a greater level of reach over the vessel (greater pouring clearances).

Key requirements:

  • 180 degree sideways rotation;
  • ability to handle steel and plastic drums;
  • manual lift of up to 1400mm;
  • manual drum securing method.
Manual Drum Lifter Rotator (STM01-SIDE TIPPER)
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Manual lift function

We fitted the unit with a manual-hydraulic hand pump similar to that found on our manual universal drum rotator. Lifting a drum to the required height was easy and safe, operators simply pumped the handle to raise the drum up to the desired height. The pump was specified so that the amount of force required to lift a drum is safe and within the manual handling guidelines. The drum lifter rotator is well-suited to companies that require a cost-effective non-powered unit. With no powered features, the unit does not require charging, there are no batteries to maintain and the unit requires minimal maintenance.

Sideways drum rotation works through 360 degrees.
The manual hydraulic pump lifts the drum up to 1400mm.

Sideways drum rotation

Our customer was restricted in the space available within their manufacturing facility and therefore required a unit that tipped sideways. We fitted a manually-operated slew ring which operators could easily rotate using a removable handle; the slew ring rotated through 360 degrees. Operators secured the drum in place using a simple dual ratchet and strap arrangement. Rubber pads were fitted within the drum band to remove any risk of drum slippage during the life of the unit.

Manual drum band assembly suitable for 200-220l steel and plastic drums.

Drum Rotators / Tippers

Tipping drums is an essential part of many industrial processes. Our drum rotators provide a safe way to lift and tip various drum types and sizes, and we can customise each rotator to suit your exact needs.

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