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Manual Hydraulic Drum Lifter

This manual hydraulic drum lifter can lift drums on and off tall containment bunds as well as transport drums around the workplace. 

Side view demonstrating the tall lift capability.


This model was developed as a result of requests from our customers. Typically drum lifters are used to lift drums off pallets or the floor. Lifting off containment bunds is a similar process although some bunds can be very tall and as such require additional lift clearance.

All our hydraulic drum lifters can be customised to suit a variety of different applications upon request. This counterbalance hydraulic drum lifter has been supplied in a tall-lift variant; this model provides 630mm of clearance beneath any drum size up to 220 litres, this makes the unit particularly suitable for loading onto containment bunds.

Counterbalance Depalletiser with Tall Lift (Model: DTP08-R760)
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Ladder rack and lift pump

The unit features a stainless steel ladder rack allowing you to move the universal drum catch into different positions to accommodate drums of different heights. This unit utilises a manual hydraulic pump assembly, the operator simply pumps a handle to lift the drum to the desired height; to lower the drum a lowering valve is operated. We can also supply a fully powered hydraulic drum lifter for situations where many drums are being moved per day or where drums are being moved a long distance.

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Tall lift hydraulic drum lifter holding a 205 litre steel tight-head drum.
Unloaded lifter showing the ladder rack and catch assembly at the front of the unit.

Drum Lifting Equipment

You can use our drum lifters for loading and unloading pallets and bunds as well as STS drum cradles, mixers and dollies. We have a range of drum lifting equipment for use in a variety of operations.

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