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Plastic Screw Top Drum Palletiser

We have designed and manufactured a drum palletiser to handle HDPE plastic pickle and olive barrels.


Screw-top plastic drums are widely used within the food industry to hold olives and pickles. Weighing up to 350kg their unusual design makes them problematic for operators to handle. We have designed and built this drum lifting attachment to suit these hard to handle drums. Utilising the stainless-steel ladder rack the attachment can be adjusted in height to suit a range of different barrels. This attachment can be fitted to our Side Shift Drum Palletiser (DTP04) or our Counterbalance Drum Palletiser (DTP08).

The boom arm can be fitted to either the Side-Shift Drum Palletiser or Counterbalance Drum Palletiser.
HDPE plastic screw top pickle barrels.

Product design

The drum palletiser attachment utilises two pivoting arms on a boom assembly. The operator simply raises the boom over a drum and then lowers it down, the pick-up arms are aligned with the handholds and drop into position. The barrel can then be lifted and manoeuvred around the workplace. Manufactured in 304-grade stainless steel the boom is ideal for food-grade areas. We are also able to offer stainless steel drum palletisers should your process involve brine or other corrosive substances.

Drum Lifter for Screw Top Drums (Model: DTP04-DPA02)
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Counterbalance Drum Lifter for Food Grade Areas w/Screw Top Drums (DTP08-250KG-R500-DPA02)
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Drum Lifting Equipment

You can use our drum lifters for loading and unloading pallets and bunds as well as STS drum cradles, mixers and dollies. We have a range of drum lifting equipment for use in a variety of operations.

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