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Drums - Loading and Unloading Spill Bunds


Our Counterbalance Manual-Hydraulic Drum Lifting Depalletiser can take drums on and off bunds safely and easily.

What are spill bunds?

Spill bunds are a form of secondary containment used for storing liquids. Should a drum or other container spilt or develop a leak, the bund prevents harmful chemicals from being able to escape and cause environmental damage.

UK Government: guidance on storing oil products

UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE): secondary containment information

Counterbalance Depalletiser with Tall Lift (Model: DTP08-R760)
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STS products for loading bunds

With over 18 years of experience in the drum handling industry, we are best placed to provide a manual handling solution for this application. Our range of drum lifters is market-leading in their design and ergonomics. The Side-Shift Drum Lifting Trolley and Counterbalance Drum Lifting Trolley can be supplied in a tall-lift variant; these models provide a 680mm clearance beneath any drum size up to 220-litre, making them particularly suitable for loading onto bunds.

The tall-lift variant of the DTP08 has a greater lift-stroke than a standard model.

Drum Lifting Equipment

You can use our drum lifters for loading and unloading pallets and bunds as well as STS drum cradles, mixers and dollies. We have a range of drum lifting equipment for use in a variety of operations.

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Do you have a manual handling issue we could solve? We’d be happy to discuss any handling concerns and advise on the most suitable STS equipment. You can talk to us via telephone, email and social media.

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