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Drum Tipper with Weighing Scale


Our range of drum tippers can all be fitted with a load-cell weighing system. Learn about how the system functions on an STS drum tipper.

Drum Tipper with Load-Cell Weighing System (Option: -LC)
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Which drum rotators can they be fitted on?

STS drum rotators are supplied with three distinct power options: manual-hydraulic, electric-hydraulic and pneumatic-hydraulic. All of these models can support a load-cell weighing system. On the electric model, the display is powered by the onboard batteries; whereas the manual and pneumatic models require an external battery pack. The external packs can be removed from the unit for charging as and when required.

Where is the display mounted?

The load-cell display can be mounted on either the head assembly or above the rear control panel. It is important that the display faces the position the operator will be standing in when the drum is emptied. STS supplies 3D CAD drawings for each drum tipper ordered, this allows customers to review load-cell placement ensuring a solution is provided which best suits their process.

What about ATEX certified equipment?

ATEX equipment can also be fitted with load cells. In these cases, we install ATEX-compliant cells, display and battery enclosure. The battery pack on the ATEX models must be charged outside of the ATEX environment using a supplied charger. The display unit functions in much the same way as the non-ATEX equivalent and is just as easy to use.

The load-cell display can be fitted either on the head assembly or above the control panel.

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Tipping drums is an essential part of many industrial processes. Our drum rotators provide a safe way to lift and tip various drum types and sizes, and we can customise each rotator to suit your exact needs.

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