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Future Proofing your Drum Handling Equipment is Important


Buying versatile drum-handling equipment offers companies enhanced value over the many years of ownership.

When searching for drum-handling equipment, it’s important to consider the variety of tasks you’ll need the equipment to fulfil as your organisation grows. Buying highly versatile handling equipment allows production managers to future-proof aspects of production that may evolve as the company expands.

With the rise in e-commerce, it can be all too easy to jump into purchasing a piece of drum-handling equipment online that isn’t the best fit. Once purchased, the equipment can lose its value to the company when the job that it was bought for takes a different path.

Here at STS we strive to make all our products both versatile and universal. The products we manufacture allow companies to handle a wide range of drum types and sizes; we pride ourselves on this unique feature. When we design drum handling products, we expect the equipment to be in use on the factory floor for decades, not just years.

When you contact us, we’ll explore your requirements with you to make sure that you get the right product for your company. We offer a range of trial drum lifters and trolleys to allow you and your team to analyse whether the equipment meets your exact needs.

The following images show just a few examples of how we design our drum lifting equipment to withstand the ongoing change in your workplace. Our Universal Drum Rotator band allows you to handle different drum sizes, from 50 to 210 litres, while our universal drum catch allows the lifting of both large and small drums with any of our drum lifting trolleys.

Highly versatile drum-clamping band for 50- to 210-litre drums.
Corner Drum Lifting Trolley lifting small and larger MAUSER drums.

If you have a requirement for some versatile drum-handling equipment please feel free to get in touch and discuss your application.


We provide market-leading handling equipment that has been tried and tested by operators in all industrial sectors. Explore our range of drum handling equipment as well as other popular manual handling units.

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