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Our UK Sale-or-Return Policy


We’ve always taken a revolutionary approach to the manual handling industry, which is why we started our UK sale-or-return policy.

Getting new customers onboard and demonstrating a commitment to helping them is something we feel strongly about. To show confidence in both our drum handling equipment and our ability to deliver the correct solution, we introduced a UK sale-or-return policy, which has been well received by our customers. Our aim is to give you market-leading customer service and post-delivery support by offering a no-obligation trial period.

How it works

We offer to provide you with equipment without raising an invoice. You’ll have a seven-day trial period, during which you can use the unit within your process with no limitations.

If the drum handling equipment fulfils your needs then, with your agreement, we’ll raise an invoice for the equipment.

If you find that the unit does not meet your needs, we can either modify it to suit your requirements or collect it free of charge.

What we ask

We simply ask that you raise a purchase order before the trial commences. There’s no obligation to buy the unit, but this gives us confidence that the trial is serious and, should the trial be successful, makes sure that both parties understand the purchase going ahead.


You’ll have the ability to try, test and approve our drum handling equipment at your site. You won’t encounter any upfront costs, and our continued support offers you peace of mind that we’ll supply the correct equipment.


We provide market-leading handling equipment that has been tried and tested by operators in all industrial sectors. Explore our range of drum handling equipment as well as other popular manual handling units.

Contact Us

Do you have a manual handling issue we could solve? We’d be happy to discuss any handling concerns and advise on the most suitable STS equipment. You can talk to us via telephone, email and social media.

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