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Weigh Scales for Drum Lifters & Palletisers


Our drum lifting depalletisers can be upgraded with weigh scale systems, suitable for measuring and weighing drums up to 350kg.

Our drum lifters can be configured to include a heavy-duty load cell module that allows operators to record the weight of their drums. The weigh cell display is useful for checking the weight of drums before the material is decanted into batches. The display can be configured to show the weight in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs) depending on your region.

INOX Drum Lifter Depalletiser with ATEX Load-Cell Weighing System (DTP05-R500-SS-LC-Ex)
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Standard load cells

Our weigh scale system can be added to any of our drum depalletisers. The system is centred around a 2000kg load cell that is installed between the rack and drum gripper. The feature has an accuracy of +/- 0.1kg.

ATEX Wireless Load Cells

For those customers operating in flammable or explosive environments, we have developed an ATEX wireless weigh scale system that utilises 2.4GHz radio waves. The ATEX transmitter module sends information to a handheld unit which can be stored on the unit or on a fixed based station/PC receiver. The unit has +/- 0.1kg of accuracy.

ATEX weigh scale display mounted to the top of an STS drum depalletiser.

Drum Lifting Equipment

You can use our drum lifters for loading and unloading pallets and bunds as well as STS drum cradles, mixers and dollies. We have a range of drum lifting equipment for use in a variety of operations.

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If you need a custom manual handling solution, we can design and manufacture the right piece of equipment to meet your specific requirements. Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

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