ASP, Belgium

In 1988, ASP was established as a specialist in manual handling transportation equipment.

The company is focused around safety and ergonomics and works hard to ensure customers receive the best solutions.

Working together

We've worked closely with ASP since early 2013. ASP has a dedicated team that visits customer sites to ensure they always provide the correct solution. We regularly meet with ASP to communicate product information and make sure we develop the best possible equipment for our customers in Belgium.

ASP bvba
Baanakkerweg 3
3060 Bertem
Call +32 (0)1636 1224
Fax +32 (0)1636 1220

Contact Us

Do you have a manual handling issue we could solve? We’d be happy to discuss any handling concerns and advise on the most suitable STS equipment. You can talk to us via telephone, email and social media.


We provide market-leading handling equipment that has been tried and tested by operators in all industrial sectors. Explore our range of drum handling equipment as well as other popular manual handling units.

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