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Stainless-Steel Drum Rotator (Electric)


Stainless steel drum rotator suitable for lifting and tipping 50-220 litre steel, plastic and fibreboard drums. This INOX unit was designed for pharmaceutical and food production facilities. We have incorporated an electric-hydraulic power pack and control circuit to power the lift function.

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Operator uses stainless steel drum tipper to rotate a 210 litre MAUSER drum. Operator uses stainless steel drum tipper to rotate a 205 litre L-Ring blue plastic drum. Stainless steel drum handler holding a plastic drum in the decant position. Plastic HDPE drum being tilted using an electric stainless steel drum handler. Cardboard drum being rotated in the head of the stainless steel drum handler. Steel 205 litre drum being used in the head of the stainless steel drum tipping unit.


Stainless steel drum rotator suitable for lifting and tipping 50-220 litre steel, plastic and fibreboard drums. This INOX unit was designed for pharmaceutical and food production facilities. We have incorporated an electric-hydraulic power pack and control circuit to power the lift function.

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Key product features

Fully compliant lift circuits

Stainless steel electric panel showing the electric battery meter, emergency stop and power switch.

Fully compliant lift circuits

All-electric lift drum tipper circuits we assemble are fully compliant with the relevant standards. Our engineers install mandatory safety features such as power isolators and emergency stop buttons to each and every unit. A battery condition meter located on the rear control panel informs operators of the state of charge of the battery; the unit makes use of a smart battery charger, this conditions the battery and when full provides a trickle charge.

Universal drum band

Universal drum rotation band with a MAUSER drum inside.

Universal drum band

Drums are made using steel, plastic and fibreboard materials and sizes range from 50 to 220 litres. This model makes use of our universal drum rotator band. The segmented band can be adjusted to suit the range of drums mentioned above. Operators adjust the diameter of the band and then use the ratchet and strap to secure the drum in place. The band accommodates drums from 350mm to 600mm in diameter.

For applications where only 200- to 220-litre steel and plastic drums are being emptied, we can supply a fixed diameter over-centre drum band. This securing arrangement has a fixed diameter and used rubber pads to grip the drum. This band is very fast and simple to use making it a popular choice. 

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Stainless steel materials

Stainless steel drum tipper with 304 grade stainless channels holding an L-ring plastic drum.

Stainless steel materials

The chassis uses hot-rolled stainless steel channels which are strong and durable, stainless steel bearings run the lift carriage up and down the channels smoothly. The hydraulic lift ram and rotational gearbox assembly are both sheaved in stainless steel to protect them from corrosive environments. Stainless steel parts are either mechanically polished or aqua blasted using an aluminium oxide and glass bead blasting process. The finish of the stainless steel is both smooth and clean, well suited to food and pharmaceutical environments.

Self-locking gearbox

Manual rotation gearbox shrouded in stainless steel.

Self-locking gearbox

A self-locking rotational gearbox rotates the drum when an operator turns the handle; the self-locking properties of the worm-wheel gearbox means drums never self-rotates when the handle is let go of. The 120:1 gearbox ratio is easy to turn by hand and is therefore controllable by operators of all sizes and strengths. Where many drums are handled per day we can provide a power rotation model, the control to the rotation would be located on the rear panel in this case. 

Controllable rear-wheel steering

Side view of a stainless steel drum handler.

Controllable rear-wheel steering

Steering is controlled using a tiller at the back of the unit. The steering moves both rear castors providing exceptional control and manoeuvrability. The unit can achieve a tight turning radius when being used in narrow work areas. 

We use premium wheels and castors in the assembly of our equipment. All the wheels we use are fitted with precision ball bearings to minimise rolling resistance making the unit easy to move around the factory floor.

Drum rotator suitability

Varying sizes of drums that can be accommodated by an STS drum rotator unit.

Drum rotator suitability

This INOX Universal Drum Rotator is able to handle steel, plastic and fibreboard drums of between 50- to 220-litres. View the drum suitability document below by clicking the button. If you are handling drums that are not shown and would like advice, please get in touch with our product team.

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STE01-DRU01-SS Stainless Steel Drum Rotator (Electric)

  • Safe working load (SWL)


  • Functions

    Powered lift/lower, manual rotation, manual push/pull 

  • Power details

    On-board 115Ah battery powering an electric-hydraulic pump, mains 230v, smart battery charger built into control box

  • Controls

    Silicone booted buttons, emergency stop, removable key switch, digital battery condition meter

  • Lift height


  • Tipping clearance

    1400mm at 15° tip angle / 1325mm at 30° tip angle (205 litre drum) 

  • Drum compatibility

    Steel and plastic drums, 50-220 litres (incl. MAUSER drums)

  • Band assembly

    Segmented adjustable/universal band with 50mm stainless steel ratchet and polyester strap

  • Additional drum securing

    Rim clamp included which grips the top edge of the drum preventing slippage 

  • Rotation gearbox

    Worm-wheel, self-locking with 120:1 ratio and manual handle 

  • Construction

    Stainless steel 304-grade construction

  • Metal treatment

    Aqua blasted and vibro-polished stainless steel parts, smooth clean finish

  • Guarding

    Polycarbonate shatterproof clear guarding

  • Leg dimensions

    Inside straddle width 850mm, total outside width 1080mm

  • Front wheels

    Two fixed 160mm wheels, plastic centred with polyurethane tyres and precision bearings

  • Rear wheels

    Two tiller steered 160mm wheels, plastic centred with polyurethane tyres and precision bearings

  • Noise

    Less than 76 dBA

  • Compliance

    CE / UKCA

Optional features

Powered drum clamp

Improve efficiency using hydraulic powered clamping arms. Our unique flexible pads can clamp drums from 50- to 220-litres.

Powered drum rotation

For time-critical pouring applications we offer power rotation. You can control drum tipping from the rear panel of the machine.

Power-drive system

When moving drums over long distances you may need power drive. Our electric power-drive tiller steering offers effortless control.

Telescopic/variable lift height

Single- and dual-mast models are available, depending on the lift height required. Single masts offer around 1500mm lift whereas telescopic masts offer 2700mm.

Variable leg dimensions

When machinery integration is critical, we can modify leg dimensions of the drum rotator to suit your facility.

Fixed-size drum band

If you’re only handling 200- to 220-litre steel and plastic drums, our fixed over-centre drum band makes securing drums quicker.

Load-cell weighing system

With our load-cell system you can weigh drums while you handle them. A digital read-out provides real-time weight information for quantity-sensitive processes.

Very small drum insert

If you’re using drum handling equipment for drums smaller than 50 litres, we can provide an insert that allows you to lift small containers with the universal drum band.

Sale or return

In the UK we can supply certain equipment on a sale-or-return basis, meaning you can use a unit on-site for seven days with no obligation to buy it once the trial period is up. Find out more here.

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Technical specification

See the full technical specification for our Stainless-Steel Drum Rotator (Electric) for details such as weight, dimensions and load capacity.

Instruction manual

View the instruction manual for our Stainless-Steel Drum Rotator (Electric), which details how to safely operate and maintain the unit.

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