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Drum Lifter for Spill Bunds

This side-shift drum lifter is suitable for bunds and spill pallets, designed with extra clearance under the lifter body enabling you to unload 300mm high spill pallets. 


The Side-Shift Drum Lifter has an over-pallet design enabling operators to completely straddle a pallet and unload drums. This unit is very popular for organisations that are handling a high quantity of drums and need to easily access all areas of the pallet.

Some of our customers work with spill pallets and containment bunds, these can be problematic and make it hard for operators to move drums. On request, we have designed this drum lifter with extra clearance enabling it to straddle over 300mm bunds.

Side-Shift Drum Lifter for Bunds (Model: DTP04-1250-R500-B)
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Product design

Organisations that store drums on spill bunds and containment bunds can often find it problematic to unload drums. Our side shift drum lifter has a unique over pallet design enabling it to access all four corners of the pallet.

To keep this functionality but enable operators to lift off these difficult bunds we have raised the height of the crossbar to enable it to lift over a spill pallet of up to 300mm. 

The stainless steel ladder rack is attached to the front of the lifter body allowing operators to simply approach their barrel with the drum lifter, the universal catch engages with the drum and they can then lift the drum to height using the manual hand pump.

This extra clearance can also be provided on our Counterbalance Drum Lifter enabling you to lift off spill pallets and containment bunds. If a company requires a greater lift height for high platforms or custom containment bunds, we can adjust the height of the rack and lifter to allow for further clearance. 

Get in touch today and explore the options for a Drum Lifter to suit your application. 

Drum Lifting Equipment

You can use our drum lifters for loading and unloading pallets and bunds as well as STS drum cradles, mixers and dollies. We have a range of drum lifting equipment for use in a variety of operations.

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